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Wari  Chora

Visitors are advised to seek information before traveling to
Wari Chora or any other tourist spots of South Garo Hills. 

The road to Wari Chora from the village is damaged but OPEN

Wari Chora is open to visitors now

WARI CHORA : Home of the Seven Serpents.

Wari Chora is a mystical river canyon located 8 Km from Emangre village in the South Garo Hills District of Meghalaya (INDIA).  It was recently opened to the outside world and visitors are welcome to visit and enjoy the beauty of Wari Chora. We request everyone to keep this canyon clean and pristine. Do not litter and do not throw garbage in and around Wari Chora. 

Location : WARI  CHORA.

Address : Wari Chora is located in Paromgre / Rekmangre region of South Garo Hills.

Last Motorable Point : Emangre village (For Car, Van, Sedan, Mini Buses and all vehicles without 4-wheel drive)

                                            Rekmangre road (For 4x4 vehicles and Motorcycles - But only from November to early April - If no rain)

Nearest Village : Rekmangre / Paromgre & Emangre.

Homestay Available at : Emangre village.

Wari Chora Entry Time - 7:00am to 1:00pm

Accommodations at Emangre :  ARENGH  HOMESTAY & CAMPSITE- Mr. Deepak Arengh = +91 60093 64083 / 81329 13510.
                                                              B. S. MANDA HOMESTAY - Mr. Mahan M. Sangma = +91 98626 79162.
                                                              BISHAL HOMESTAY - Mr. Bishal Arengh = +91 76299 26796.
                                                              REMA HOMESTAY (Partially incomplete) - Mr. Chillar A. Sangma = +91 60090 89978 / 81189 30535.
                                                              AGINMA CAMPSITE & NOKA'CHIK - Mr. Hagai Momin = +91 81189 04834 / 60092 78148.

For SUV hiring / Tour Planning / Booking etc : Contact A.T.S. at +91 98629 12547.

We request the travelers to confirm their stay and dates with the local homestay owners so that there will be no inconveniences regarding the stay when arriving at the village. The homestays have limited capacities, so please confirm your bookings before you travel.  

WARNING : Do not rely on Google Maps when coming to Wari Chora.
                         It will take you somewhere else, as it happened to 20+ groups of visitors to Wari Chora.
                         Call us, we will guide you.


Direction to reach Wari Chora (Emangre Basecamp) from Guwahati

From Guwahati, come towards Goalpara passing via Guwahati Airport overbridge, Boko, Dhupdhara till you reach Dudhnoi town.

When you reach Dudhnoi, at 4 way traffic junction, take LEFT TURN towards Damra. Follow this Highway, passing through WELCOME TO MEGHALAYA sign board, and proceed on towards Wageasi, Rongmil, Rongjeng, Darugre.

At Darugre junction, take the LEFT towards NENGKHRA (Do not take RIGHT towards Songsak).

When you reach Nengkhra junction, follow the highway till you reach Nongalbibra and Jadi (Coal mining towns). From here follow the road toward SIJU. Continue on the Siju - Baghmara road until you reach KARUKOL village with the long broken bridge with the subway.

Just after crossing the Broken Bridge Subway, at the junction, take a RIGHT TURN towards NENGKONG village. Continue on this road passing through NENGKONG village until you reach EMANGRE village. Emangre will be your basecamp for Wari Chora tour. 

When you reach Emangre village, check in to your Homestay and rest for the day.


1. DO NOT RELY ON GOOGLE MAPS AND TRAVEL ON YOUR OWN. There have been many cases of travelers getting lost and going the wrong way following Google Maps navigation. THERE IS NO GOOGLE ROAD MAP to Wari Chora. 

2. ALWAYS TRY TO REACH EMANGRE VILLAGE BEFORE DARK. The roads leading to Wari Chora / Emangre have several Elephant crossing zones. These are all active wild Elephant areas. Please try to travel early and reach early.

3. DO NOT TRAVEL / TREK TO WARI CHORA WITHOUT LOCAL GUIDES. Please do not be too brave and trek to Wari Chora all by yourself. There is a rule set by the Headmen of nearby villages for the safety of the visitors. The visitors are expected to abide by the rules set by the local villagers.

4. GUWAHATI TO EMANGRE (Wari Chora Basecamp) ROAD TRIP TAKES ABOUT 5 TO 7 HOURS. If you are traveling from Guwahati, the road trip to Emangre village will take about 5 to 7 hours, depending on your choice of vehicle and stoppages along the way.

5, BEWARE OF FAKE TOUR OPERATORS FROM OUTSIDE. We encourage travelers to contact local tour operators and local guides for their trip to Wari Chora. THERE ARE FAKE TOUR OPERATORS ON INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK OFFERING CHEAP TRIPS TO WARI CHORA. Beware - These are not Cheap Trips, but they are Cheap Traps. Stay away and save your hard-earned money. Choose Government Registered Local Tour Operators in Garo Hills, Recognised by the Meghalaya Tourism, Government of Meghalaya.

6. TO REACH WARI CHORA TREKKING OF 1½ Km THROUGH JUNGLE AND STEEP MOUNTAIN IS REQUIRED. Therefore, be advised, If there is someone who is physically weak or has trouble walking down steep mountainous paths or has weak knees, Please refrain from trekking to Wari Chora. There have been several cases where emergency evacuation has to be initiated. The trek is tough, so be alert.


Notice by the Local Village Committee

Glimpses of Wari Chora