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"Ku'cholsan Re'mikkange Aman' A'songko Rikna"


INTRODUCTION about Garo Hills : 
Garo Hills or the Land of the Garos (A'chiks) is situated in the westernmost region of Meghalaya State in North East India. Garo Hills is bordered by Assam State in the North and West, Khasi Hills in the East and Bangladesh in the South. 

Garo Hills has a population of about 11,03,542 as per the 2011 census. The majority of the population consists of the Garo tribals of Meghalaya. Other tribals and communities of Garo Hills are Hajongs, Kochs, Rabhas, Khasis, Bengalis, Nepalis, Marwaris and others. The Garos or the A'chiks are peace-loving, hard-working, God-fearing and friendly people. 

The Garos can be found from the plains of Assam to the plains of Bangladesh and from the Hills of Garo Hills to as far as the Hills of Arunachal Pradesh. The main occupation of the Garos is farming. But they are also good cultivators, skilled craftsmen and talented artists in various fields. Common languages used in Garo Hills are Garo, English, Hindi, Bengali, and others. 

Garo Hills is divided into 5 Districts :

1. West Garo Hills (District HQ is Tura)

2. East Garo Hills (District HQ is Williamnagar)

3. South Garo Hills (District HQ is Baghmara)

4. North Garo Hills (District HQ is Resubelpara ) & 

5. South West Garo Hills (District HQ is Ampati). 


Garo Hills at Glance.

  • - HQ of West Garo Hills : Tura
  • - Largest City : Tura
  • - Number of Districts : 5
  • - Location : Western Region of Meghalaya
  • - Nearest Airport : Guwahati, 220 Kms.
  • - Driving duration from GAU airport to Tura : 4 hours
  • - Nearest Train Station : 110 Kms, Mendipathar in North Garo Hills
  • - Highest Peak : Nokrek  Peak, East Garo Hills.
  • - Best time to visit : Anytime of the year
  • - Population : 11,03,542 as per 2011 census
  • - Languages spoken : Garo, English, Hindi, Bengali etc
  • - Available Cellphone carriers : Airtel, Idea, Reliance Jio, Vodafon, BSNL etc
  • - Internet connectivity : Cellphone 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, BSNL, BSNL Fiber, Jio 5G, NELine Broadband

- Garo Hills have 2 National Parks : Balpakram National Park & Nokrek National Park


- Transportations :

  SUV service from Guwahati to/from Tura : Daily 6:00am & 1:30pm

  SUV service from Shillong to/from Tura : Daily 6:00am 

  Bus service from Guwahati to/from Tura : Daily 8:00pm

  Bus service from Shillong to Tura : Daily 4:00pm

  Bus service from Tura to Shillong : Daily 8:00pm



  Chopper / Helicopter flight : Guwahati - Shillong - Guwahati - Tura - Guwahati - Shillong   

  (Check flight schedule, Flies 3 times a week to Tura)